The Bridge Protocol

Spec - Science Fiction - 95 pages

A grieving scientist navigates through the annals of history with a revolutionary time travel device to go back and prevent his daughter's untimely death, challenging the very fabric of existence and the moral boundaries of science.

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The Bridge Protocol - Pitch Deck

Spec - Comedy - 95 pages - Coverfly Top 17%
After getting a butt-dialed voicemail while his girlfriend is cheating on him, Mak and his two friends take a drug, sex, and music-fueled road trip of self-discovery that gives them insight into how far they’ve come and how far they have yet to go.

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Never Let Me Down - Pitch Deck

WOLF TONE Spec - Drama - 91 pages Top 23% on CoverFly

Inspired by a true story, in war-torn World War II Europe, a talented violinist turned collaborator with the Nazis must embark on a treacherous journey to deliver a letter from his fallen mentor to his daughter. Battling with his own identity and haunted by his past, he finds solace and redemption through the power of music, ultimately reuniting with his love and discovering forgiveness amidst the chaos of war. 

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Wolf Tone - Pitch Deck


Short Film - Drama - 8 minutes

A short film written by Dr. Samantha Schinder, directed and edited by Merlin Love

Writer's Gambit creator Dr. Samantha Schinder speaks about her own experiences and how the importance of finding your place to "wash your eyes" and have the space to create, emote, and pour your heart into the world. The Writer's Gambit is a project that seeks to turn that metaphorical place into a physical one. A writer's retreat, where people can find a quiet place to turn the volume up on the words inside them and let them spill out onto the page. Written by Dr. Samantha Schinder, edited and directed by Merlin Love. Trigger warning for content that deals with Sexual Assault and PTSD. 

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Short film - Drama - 15 minutes

Official Selection: Los Angeles International Film Festival's Indie Short Fest. 

In Philadelphia, there exists a hoagie shop... but it's unlike any other. Contained inside is some kind of black hole, or vortex, or magic... whatever it is, it will drag you back through time. This is my story of falling into that vortex and what was waiting for me on the other side. All clips by and licensed by Storyblocks, music by HILL, and licensed by SoundStripe. This was an experiment wherein I used only stock footage to craft the film. Follow my website at and subscribe to my channel for future projects.  


Short Film - 4 minutes

FEATURED on Good Day Sacramento

A collaboration between April Anderson Photo and Merlin Love. Based on her "Porchtraits" photo series. A love letter to West Sacramento as we deal with COVID-19 as a community. Finding new ways to do old things and old ways to do new things. 

Written, edited, and directed by Merlin Love, featuring photography by April Anderson.  


Honorable Mention: Sound and Vision International Film and Technology Festival (2020)

A teenage girl recounts her experience of enduring a school shooting to her psychologist through the prism of sound and acheoacoustics.  

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