MOvies and Originals

The Writer's Gamibt

A collaboration with Dr. Samantha Schinder on a powerful and deeply personal project.

Written and Narrated by Dr. Samantha Schinder.

Edited by Merlin Love

A Hoagie Shop on Cheltenham Avenue

An experimental film made entirely from stock footage. Written and Narrated by Merlin Love. Edited by Merlin Love


A collaboration photographer April Anderson, shot during the pandemic. 

Written, narrated, and edited by Merlin Love.

To My Pride of Lions

A love letter to my friends from lockdown. 

Written, edited, and directed by Merlin Love

Meditation and Grounding

Using an old tape recording of my father,  Matthew Love, Clinical Hypnotherapist, as the basis for this short meditation  film

Written and Narrated by Matthew Love.

Edited by Merlin Love